Mobile ad monitoring

We help advertisers, marketing agencies and ad networks identify and stop low-quality traffic.

  • We monitor advertising campaigns
  • We analyze each conversion
  • We identify all types of fraud sources
Installs Hijacking
Click Flood
Click Hijacking
The software is trying to intercept an installation that rightfully belongs to another source.
The tracking system is loaded with a large number of clicks, interception of organic installations.
The software detects a real click and sends a fake click report from a competing network.
CPI fraud types:
Installs Fraud
Click Injection
Emulation of devices with the subsequent reset of the advertising identifier.
Malware installation, the fraud source label is assigned to the infected device.
Many devices are connected to a program that simulates the actions of real users.
Bot traffic
Brand Safety
The program creates virtual copies of devices and simulates the actions of real users on the server.
Sites where users perform targeted actions for a certain fee.
Attackers use brands in inappropriate formats and creatives.
CPI channel is a large and important tool for attracting traffic. And therefore attracts more and more scammers. The constant arms race of cybercriminals and anti-fraud programs has led to dozens of types of fraud that cannot be tracked by the advertiser's own resources.

Admon is your tool to fight CPI fraud. The development department constantly monitors the emergence of new types of fraud in mobile advertising and creates tools to combat them. We help to weed out fraud, save advertising budgets and serve as a guarantor of pure traffic for our partners.
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