How we started

Combining 10 years of experience in digital and expertise in the fight against Internet fraud, in 2015 we created the company Admon, which carries out independent fraud monitoring, determines site vulnerabilities and protects against unscrupulous webmasters.

From the first days, we have proved our effectiveness by saving the advertising budget of our customers by an amount that is tens and hundreds of times higher than the cost of our services.

Our team:

Alexey Fioshkin
Head of monitoring / LinkedIn
He worked for about two years in consulting, more than six in sales. Companies - Pricewaterhouse, Coopers, WebKontrol.
Victor Kostenko
Chief Platform Expert / LinkedIn
He is more than 10 years in online advertising, five years of sales experience. Companies - Tvigle, Yandex.Money, HomeCreditBank, CityAds.
Sergey Ignatov
CTO / LinkedIn
He has ten years of experience in development, the last 7 years - in leadership positions. Among the companies are Softomate, AdvCleaner, DoLabSecurity.
908 Broadway, San Francisco, CA, 94133