Cookie stuffing monitoring

The fight against cookie substitution in the user's browser when visiting advertisers' sites.
  • Monitor traffic
  • Reveal fraud
  • We provide comprehensive evidence.
i - frame, img, flash
Fraud Types:
Allows you to load one web page inside another, or img tag
Assigning someone else's cookie through the installed extension in the browser
Pop-up ads in a new window or tab in the background in the browser
We identify such types of network fraud as invalid traffic and cookiestaffing - extensions for browsers that force users through web-laying sites, turning free organic into CPA.
Data collection
  • analyze current problems
  • we find out on which domains, for which offers there is fraud
Code setting
  • We send the code with the installation instructions
  • it is possible to set the code via GMT
  • collect the received data
  • reveal fraud
  • fix violations
System Setup
  • we verify the correct collection of labels utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content ...
  • configuration and automation of parsing
  • prepare interim reports for quick response to fraud
  • We provide monthly detailed reports with all the evidence, logs and videos
Work with webmasters
  • help interact with CPA networks
  • we are connected to controversial situations, we defend the interests of the advertiser
How we are working?
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