Context monitoring

  • Search for placed contextual advertising by brand queries
  • Identify unauthorized use of the brand in context
  • Analysis of competitor requests by keywords
Direct context
Indirect context
Competitive Context
Fraud Types:
The ad uses key phrases with the brand name.
Brand inquiries through laying sites for payouts
Search for competitor ads for your brand needs
We carry out the search for the placed contextual advertising by brand queries. As a result, we provide a list of id violators and evidence - log transitions, screen search results or html pages. Identify unauthorized use of the brand in context.
Depending on the purpose, the product can work both to protect the brand, and as an effective tool for competitive analysis - it is checked in which regions, at what time and how competitors are advertised.
How to fight competitors legally?

Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of April 23, 2019 N 10 "On the application of part four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation" The right to a trademark and the right to a service mark 172. Use by an advertiser when placing contextual advertising on the Internet as a criterion for displaying an advertisement keywords (phrases) that are identical or similar to the point of confusion with a means of individualization belonging to another person, taking into account the purpose of such use, can be recognized as an act of unfair competition AI (Article 14.6 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Competition", the article 10.bis the Paris Convention).
Data collection
  • analyze current problems
  • we find out on which domains, for which offers there is fraud
Code setting
  • We send the code with the installation instructions
  • it is possible to set the code via GMT
  • collect the received data
  • reveal fraud
  • fix violations
System Setup
  • we verify the correct collection of labels utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content ...
  • configuration and automation of parsing
  • prepare interim reports for quick response to fraud
  • We provide monthly detailed reports with all the evidence, logs and videos
Work with webmasters
  • help interact with CPA networks
  • we are connected to controversial situations, we defend the interests of the advertiser
How we are working?
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